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Forum Spammers

Recently I set up a community forum for some of my websites, and the day after I started it up, I started getting forum spam. And not just spam in English. Oh no, I was also getting foreign spam as well. Spammers from Russia were the first ones to start topics in my forum to advertise their products.

Here's something I discovered that was very interesting: these people were not advertising their own products. Since I'm the administrator of the forum, I get to see email addresses, and I discovered that many of these spammers' domain names were domains of SEO firms.

So let's talk about why you would spend your money to get an SEO Scammer to promote your site using forum spam.

1. You want to attract live visitors from the forum. WRONG. You won't get live visitors from the forum. You'll get a boat load of annoyed people who - if they even remember your product name, will remember it with a sour taste in their mouth.

2. You want to increase your search engine rank. WRONG. Do you know what happens to forum spam on forums that are actually active? It gets deleted within minutes. And what happens to forum spam on forums that aren't active? Absolutely nothing. But who cares? A forum that's not active isn't a forum that has search engine juice to share with your site anyway.

CONCLUSION: Find out if your SEO plans to waste your money and destroy your reputation by indulging in forum spam. If he is, politely say, "No thank you."

Actually...feel free to not be polite. ;)