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SEO and Gateway Pages

One common question is "Should I go with an SEO company that uses gateway pages to promote my site?" My answer to that question is "No," for two completely different reasons.

But first...what is a gateway page? SEO companies will create a pile of web pages (and I do mean a pile) that are stuffed with keywords related to your site's topic. Then they'll make those pages link to your site. The result of this is that your pages quickly rise to the top of the search rankings. This is how SEO's can make promises of getting you to the top of the search rankings quickly.

There are two reasons why you don't want to mess around with SEO's that do this.

1. SEO companies that do this typically are flooding the internet with useless pages. Often these Gateway pages are even computer generated, which means they have no useful content whatsoever. SEO Specialists who do this are like bums who walk down the street littering trash behind them with every step. Have you ever searched for something and come across a page that seemed to be related to your topic, but in reality was simply a bunch of keywords and phrases strung together in a nonsensical fashion? That's an SEO Gateway page. The more of these there are on the internet, the lower the quality of the internet becomes - and you're paying people to flood the internet with useless pages.

2. Now, if you're greedy and selfish, you'll say "So what?" to reason number one. You don't care that you inconvenience everyone else, as long as you get your quick buck. So let me give you a second reason, which is just for you. What is going to happen when you stop paying your absurdly large monthly fee to the SEO company? ANSWER: They take down all your gateway pages. And then your page is in freefall from its page one standings. All that money you spent is WASTED!

There are much better ways to promote your site - ways that will produce long term results, even if they aren't as flashy!