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Beware SEO Spammers

When people ask me, "Do you think Company X is a good SEO Company?" I always answer with a question of my own (that's good teaching technique, right? Or maybe it's just irritating?). My question is: "How did you find out about them?"

The answer that makes me shudder and scream and want to rip my ears off so I won't have to hear that answer again is: "They emailed me."

Argh! Have you even stopped to think about what this says about them? They are a Search Engine Optimization Company. Their specialty is helping people promote their website, and gain a wider audience.

So ask yourself this question: If they were really any good at what they do, would they really need to resort to techniques as sleazy as spamming people to get business?

Of course they wouldn't! If they were any good, people would find them in Google, or MSN, or Yahoo, and they would do a tremendous amount of business without ever having to send out irritating, obnoxious, loathsome unsolicited email!

Here is my first rule of thumb. It is simple. It is straightforward. And it is absolutely, unconditionally, inviolate: Never, ever, ever, EVER do business with an SEO company which makes the initial contact with you.

And by the way, that is a piece of advice that applies not just to SEO's, but to any company that spams you. STAY AWAY!